Art Breaks


Cody Critcheloe (SSION)

Sometimes I Think About You Everyday, 2012.

Additional Credits:

Written and Directed: Cody Critcheloe

Produced: Cody Critcheloe and J Ashley Miller

Animation: Daniel Goggin and Sean McKeon

Editing: Drew Bolton

Production Manager: Megan Mantia

Lighting: Zach Van Benthusen

Production Assistance: Kevin Schowengerdt and Brock Potucek

Co-starring: Nelli and Lee Heinemann

Shot at MK12 Studios in Kansas City, MO.


Art Breaks


Guido van der Werve

Concert for Piano and the Exact Volume of Tears Cried on Earth at any Given Moment (or 211,5 liters per second), 2012.

Additional Credits:

Camera: Ben Geraerts

Sound: Irene van de Mheen

Thanks to: 

Camelot Amsterdam

Van der Kamp Pompen Zwolle

Art Breaks

Take an Art BreakJani Ruscica in collaboration with Sini Pelkki - Screen Test (for a living sculpture), 2012