On that note - I’m out! Thank you guys so much. - THE BRITT

do you love your fans?

Yes, they’re very supportive. I really hope they tune into Faking it. - THE BRITT

describe the cast in one word.

Humble. - THE BRITT

favorite kind of ice cream?

Vanilla - THE BRITT

fav food, music or artist/band?

I have a lot of respect for One Direction. My friend Ben Winston is one of their directors. And because they’re English I will support them - THE BRITT


Neither! Water - THE BRITT

Is Katie a lovely kisser?

What if I never had a mullet before I went on Wizards??? WHERE WOULD I BE? - THE BRITT

What do you usually order in Starbucks

A vanille latte with non fat milk - THE BRITT

Are you like your character in any way?

I like females.. A lot. But I’m not an artist and I’m not American. - THE BRITT

On a scale from 1-10 how good was your day Gregg??

Started off at about 3 because I got no sleep.. and now being surrounded by lovely women at MTV, I’d say it’s 11. - THE BRITT